Urban Infill Corporation

Urban Infill Corporation is a full service building contracting company specializing in custom homes. UIC can provide design services for the development of floor plans and elevations for the custom homes it builds. UIC is experienced in building with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF Construction), wood and block piling houses, and common slab foundation houses. We will work with you to build a custom home on one of our lots or on one of yours. UIC is also qualified to build multi-family structures, provide land development design and construction, and to provide project management services.
Urban Infill Corporation
Urban Infill Corporation2 days ago
πŸŒ… When the weather is this beautiful, how could you not enjoy having porches like these? We love where we live, work, and play! 🏑 #urbaninfill
Urban Infill Corporation
Urban Infill Corporation4 days ago
🌴 If we were kids again, wouldn't this be the most epic treehouse? Maybe we're missing a niche market... 🏑 #urbaninfill


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