Welcome to Urban Infill Corporation (UIC), a leading custom home builder serving Northwest Florida. While our name may raise eyebrows, it encapsulates our core mission: the revitalization of urban spaces through thoughtful development. At UIC, we take pride in delivering top-quality, meticulously crafted homes at prices that won’t break the bank. With us, your dream home is not just a possibility—it’s a probability, even on a reasonable budget.

Founded by Robert “Chris” Vail, UIC was born from a vision to make custom home construction accessible to all. With dual expertise as a Professional Engineer and Certified Building Contractor, Chris brings a unique blend of technical prowess and practical know-how to the table. His journey began in the construction trade, where he honed his skills renovating historic homes. The intricate process of restoration fueled his passion for construction, leading him to delve into the realm of new home construction. When you choose UIC, you’re not just partnering with a contractor; you’re collaborating with an engineer who brings precision and organization from the engineering field directly to the job site.

Unlike many builders who specialize in cookie-cutter homes, we set ourselves apart by focusing on waterfront properties and old Florida vernacular architecture. Picture deep porches, roof overhangs, raised foundations, detached garages, and traditional siding—these are the hallmarks of our craft. Our homes range from $350k to $2M, ensuring there’s something to suit every taste and budget.

Thank you for considering Urban Infill Corporation for your custom home needs. We look forward to the opportunity to turn your vision into reality, blending quality craftsmanship with affordability in every project we undertake.


Based on 3 reviews
Based on 2 reviews
Misty Williams
14:43 31 Oct 22
I first met Chris of Urban Infill at a charity event in 2016 when I was contemplating building a home from scratch. Meeting Chris turned out to be a huge blessing. I had a very specific idea of what I wanted and Chris helped me improve upon it. He gave me some amazing ideas that I hadn't considered, and suggested some changes to my original idea that ended up being 1000% better. His extensive knowledge and professionalism made it easy to choose his company to do the job. I would say that I would use Urban Infill again, except that I won’t need to!
Jennifer K
20:14 26 Aug 22
When we were ready to build our second home in Florida, we contacted Chris and Urban Infill. We had met with multiple companies but Chris seemed to best understand what we wanted for our home, so we chose Urban Infill.Chris spent significant time speaking with us to understand our needs and help prepare us for the journey ahead. He provided excellent design suggestions and was patient with us while helping to select the best materials to achieve the outcome we desired. The team at Urban Infill was very friendly and exceeded our expectations throughout the process. Who knew building a home could be stress-free? Our new home was completed on time and is absolutely beautiful thanks to Chris and Urban Infill!
John David Ellis
16:23 16 Dec 19
Chris Vail is unlike many contractors that I've ever worked with, and as a real estate professional that has worked with him on a number of projects, his approach is refreshing and appreciated. He is attentive and conscientious of his clients' wants and needs, and will go to great lengths to accommodate them. He is communicative, and has implemented software tools to bring more transparency into the building process - simplifying the selection process for a custom build and allowing clients to see the progress even if they're living afar. I am proud of every Urban Infill project I've been involved in!
Billy Mack
19:23 01 Jun 15
Jenny Stewart Sonntag
21:42 28 Feb 14