Available Financing

We work closely with three (3) local banks for various types of financing for home construction and purchasing.

Mr. Nick Redhead
RBC Bank
(850) 529-0282

Ms. Anita Watson
Whitney Bank
(850) 435-6742

Mr. Ben Otis, Senior VP
First National Bank of Florida
(850) 455-1817

Don’t let financing be a concern, more than likely, we can assist with putting you in one of our unique homes today.

You can download a pre-qualification application form here, fill it out, and fax it to us at (850) 457-4653


Based on 1 reviews
Based on 2 reviews
John Ellis
16:23 16 Dec 19
Chris Vail is unlike many contractors that I've ever worked with, and as a real estate professional that has worked with him on a number of projects, his approach is refreshing and appreciated. He is attentive and conscientious of his clients' wants and needs, and will go to great lengths to accommodate them. He is communicative, and has implemented software tools to bring more transparency into the building process - simplifying the selection process for a custom build and allowing clients to see the progress even if they're living afar. I am proud of every Urban Infill project I've been involved in!
Billy Mack
19:23 01 Jun 15
Jenny Stewart Sonntag
21:42 28 Feb 14